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The Psychology in Communities Wiki


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The Psychology in Communities Wiki is a free resource for anyone interested in sharing psychological science with the general public, to enrich lives and improve interactions.


This wiki grew out of the idea that as psychology teachers and experts, we spent a lot of our time and energy sharing our knowledge of psychology with our students, helping them challenge their beliefs about behavior and perhaps improve daily functioning. Why stop there? Why not go beyond the classroom and share our knowledge with the community as well?


As a free and open resources, anyone is welcome to use the information posted hereā€”no access request required. However, we are always looking for experts to add to this wiki. If you are interested in contributing to Psychology in Community, please request access to join the wiki.



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What's New:


March 23, 2020

In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Oregon State University is offering a free course called Punch Through Pandemics with Psychological Science, starting March 30. Enroll here: https://www.punchcovid19.com/


September 3, 2019

As Hurricane Dorian develops, Helping Give Away Psychological Science has a great resource that the psychology community developed to help affected individuals prepare and cope with the potential trauma. The resource can be found here: https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Helping_Give_Away_Psychological_Science/Hurricane_and_flooding_preparation_and_tips



Members of the STP Presidential Task Force on Psychology in Communities


For questions or assistance contact Clara Cheng at cmcheng@carlow.edu


(This site is currently under construction. Please check back for the new redesign.)



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