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The Injustices of Our Justice System

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statue of woman holding a scale


What we can share regarding the injustices of our justice system?


Behind closed doors: The pervasive abuse of personal rights that occur during police interrogations


The Center on Wrongful Convictions


Central Park Five: The wrongful conviction of five young men of color


False confessions: How and why do people confess to crimes they did not commit


How prejudices influence the decisions and sentencing made by judges and juries: white juror biases




The fallibility of eyewitness testimony as evidence for guilt or innocence 



When juries succumb to group-think: seeking consensus vs truth


Does unconscious racial bias affect trial judges (pdf) 


Race in the Courtroom: Perception of guilt and dispositional attributions


Psychological manipulation in the courtroom (pdf)


Elizabeth Loftus: The Fiction of Memory (video) 



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