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woman in white tank top holding white ceramic bowl


What we can share regarding parenting?



The amazing benefits of positive parenting




The importance of infants' early experiences



The stress of day care


The powerful and unique contribution fathers provide to their children



The major styles of parenting and how each influences children’s development




Children need boundaries: How to calmly and clearly establish ground rules




Encouraging security, competence and autonomy in children




How token systems can come to the rescue when working with challenging children and behaviors




Encourage healthy eating without turning meal-time into a battlefield




Family-building: activities and traditions




What is grit and why it enhances resilience and persistence




Parenting Styles (PowerPoint by Dennis Galvan)


  • This is meant to be a starting point for others if they want to add or delete information.  It is aimed at non-academic audiences.  It is meant to have humor and get people thinking about their own style and what kind of parent they want to be. Comments are welcome. 




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